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    One-piece flow implementation and introduction of demand-driven supply material to the 100% increase in productivity

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    Reducing the number of missing parts with 50% through shopfloor management.

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International Lean Management Consultancy

for the development of companies and their employees –
from Turnaround to Top-Performance.


On our upcoming Lean Basic Training  our trainers provide fundamental knowledge of lean management...

Lean Basic Training


Consultants with a wealth of practical and management experience support you and your lean transformation.
Measurable. Practical. Consistent. Persuasive.




On the practice-oriented Lean assembly specialist training, participants are transforming a traditional workplace area into a lean - mounting area and learn the lean principles.



Training Lean Experts

BestPractice Experience.

Experience on site what BestPractice means – in production, purchasing, sales and distribution, development, administration and supply chain.