Unleashing Operational Performance through Tailored Data Analytics 


THe Applied IT Way

Nowadays, company data is still the most underused asset. According to experts, only 0.001 % of the data a company generates is being utilized actively to identify and solve problems or to improve efficiency in manufacturing processes. In this labyrinth of industry operations, where data flows are as complex as they are copious, AppliediT stands out, a Spain based technological beacon illuminating the path to improved operational performance. Its tools of the trade? Tailored data analytics solutions and data engineering services. 

AppliediT’s philosophy rests on a simple but profound observation: Industrial companies generate a wealth of data from production machines, quality stations, inspections, ERPs, SAP, MES systems, and Excel databases. However, this data is often siloed, making it challenging to decipher underlying patterns and root causes of operational problems. Quality deviations, warranty issues, production line inefficiencies, and new product launch hiccups are just a few of the challenges these companies face regularly. 

The Problem Landscape: Too much to handle 

At the core of these issues lies the inability to monitor and analyze real-time operational data effectively, which prevents these companies from identifying bottlenecks and implementing corrective measures swiftly. “In many cases our clients still use simple Excel datasheets”, says Carlos Hernandez, Senior Expert at Staufen AG, “and even if they have a more elaborate database at hand, the export of datasets to tackle a specific problem is, again, a huge Excel file which they then have to analyze.” 

AppliediT bridges these data islands, integrating disparate data sources to deliver real-time analytics. This approach not only allows different operational teams to access and analyze data in real-time but also democratizes the process, taking data analysis out of the exclusive realm of ‘data scientist gurus’ and into the hands of the teams that can use the insights directly to drive improvement. 

Ignacio Quiñonero Ferrer 

Managing Director

AppliediT S.L.

Carlos Hernandez 

Senior Expert


„We are seeing companies which have no data, and companies which have too much data. Both is a problem.“

Manufacturing dashboards often just tell you in real time that there is an issue. However, they don’t tell you the cause of the problem and how to fix it.

Ignacio Quiñonero Ferrer 
Managing Director; AppliediT S.L. 

Serving the Industry Spectrum 

AppliediT caters predominantly to the industrial sector, with a primary focus on the Automotive (OEMs and Tier 1, Tier 2 suppliers), Aerospace, and Foundry sectors. Their target audience encompasses Operations, Engineering, and Quality departments within these industries. 

“Imagine an automotive OEM grappling with frequent production line stoppages, quality deviations, and overall low performance. These obstacles often snowball during periods of change, such as the launch of a new product”, explains Ignacio Quiñonero Ferrer, Managing Director at AppliediT. “At this stage we step in with our data analytics tools to provide a transparent view of the entire production line in real-time. The team identifies bottlenecks, pinpoints quality issues, and unveils hidden inefficiencies.” With this granular, moment-to-moment insight, the OEM is not only able to rectify current issues but also anticipate and mitigate future problems. This proactive approach substantially reduces downtime, improves product quality, and ultimately enhances the bottom line. 

A Powerhouse Partnership: AppliediT and Staufen AG 

Every notable collaboration has a genesis. AppliediT has been a key expertise partner for many years with the Quality Excellence business unit of Staufen, a group known for its capacity to effectively solve industrial emergencies, like potential product recalls due to malfunctioning components.  

Over the years AppliediT has specialized in creating software tools designed to swiftly pinpoint issues. In recent years, this analytical, methodical approach to error prevention has been extended to all of a company’s key business processes. Today, the company focuses essentially on a comprehensive use of the potential of real-time data analysis to improve operational performance. 

Alongside the implementation of Staufen AG’s lean strategies and with the support of AppliediT’s data analytics tools, customers are empowered with the knowledge and resources for independent analysis and process monitoring. This symbiotic relationship cultivates a culture of continuous improvement and self-reliance. 

Foreseeing the Future 

Recognizing the rapidly changing dynamics of the data science field, AppliediT continues to innovate in data application development. The company builds efficient applications for data analysis and problem solving, including dashboards, web forms for paperless initiatives, advanced analytics tools, traceability, Manufacturing Execution System (MES), quality digital apps, logistics monitoring, and machine learning modules. These applications anticipate the needs of future industries, where intricate real-time predictions and computations at scale will become the norm. 

The company

AppliediT’s unique approach stands at the crossroads of engineering knowledge and statistical techniques. Leveraging correlations, regressions, and pattern recognition methods, the company offers real-time analysis of production data – the lifeblood of industrial processes. This integration of skills, spearheaded by a team of seasoned experts, has resulted in a digitization of problem-solving techniques that progress 100 times faster than conventional industry methods. 



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